Providing “Bucket List” events for people with secondary cancer

At Yolo Jo's Charity, our aim is to make a difference and help cancer sufferers and their families through their journey. Get in touch with us today for further details.

How Yolo Jo's Charity became a reality

Hello, I'm Dave. After my beautiful wife Jo was diagnosed with terminal, secondary breast cancer in December 2011, we decided to grab life with both hands and went on what turned out to be a journey of five incredible years. Despite a lot of hospital visits, we squeezed in so many amazing adventures, including many foreign trips and life enhancing experiences before she passed away. I truly believe these memorable times kept Jo going on for so much longer than she was expected to, giving her a real zest for life. This is what Yolo Jo's Charity is based on providing the same memories for people suffering from terminal cancer. Contact us through our enquiry form today for more information.

Who are we

We are an independent charity that supports people with terminal cancer. We aim to help people forget about their cancer, even just for a few precious hours, offering bucket list experiences. Help us! Make your donations today.

What we do

Take charity donations
Improve the lives of cancer patients
Provide 'Bucket List' events
Raise money through our events during the year